Take Action for CanCertainty: Step 3

Step 3: Write an email or letter

Let your provincial politician and Health Minister know why equal funding of take-home cancer medications matters to you. Letter writing tips and contact information are available for each province below.

Please share a copy of your letter with us and kindly forward any replies you receive, even if the letter reads like a form letter.

If you live in Ontario, you can also use the Canadian Cancer Society of Ontario's website to send a pre-written letter.

When we meet with government representatives, they often tell us that personal calls, personal emails, and individual letters really matter to them. Most provincial politicians have a regular day (e.g., Friday) in their constituency/home riding office. A personal call or visit from a constituent in their riding has a tremendous impact. When asked about issues in their riding, it’s important that MANY elected members say that they have heard concerns about cancer drug funding. Please let us know how the meetings go by emailing [email protected].

Step 1: Follow us online and share on social media.
Step 2: Share your story.

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