Provincial Cancer Calculator - Ontario

Saving for your future? For retirement? Under 65?

First make sure that you have ample funds set aside for cancer drugs not fully covered by Ontario's Trillium Drug Program.

Compared to other provinces that fully fund take-home cancer medications (BC, AB, SK, MB), if you're under 65, the Ontario Trillium Drug Plan requires you to contribute a significant amount of your personal savings for approved cancer treatments.

Estimate Your Expected Out-of-Pocket Contribution to fund necessary cancer medication:

Your Combined Household Net Income

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Total Estimated Deductible


Estimated Quarterly Payments


Once you have personally paid for your cancer drugs at your pharmacy up to the amount of your deductible, the Ontario Drug Benefit program pays for most of the cost of your drugs. The average cost of an oral cancer medication is $6,000 per month. Many are higher.

For example, in Ontario, a family with a four-person household whose net incomes together total $115,000 would pay the first $4,600 per year first before any provincial assistance provided reimbursement. For many working families, the deductibles can be much higher.

Learn more from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Do You Think That's Fair?

Take action: If you agree that all provinces should equalize the coverage of intravenous and take-home cancer medications, add your voice to our campaign. Let your elected representative know that cancer is cancer, treatment is treatment, and all medications should be financed equally.

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