Call for Immediate Policy Action and Flexibility for Cancer Patients during COVID-19

On behalf of cancer patient groups across Canada, the CanCertainty Coalition has been advocating to provinces requesting immediate policy action and flexibility for cancer patients requiring take-home cancer therapies during COVID-19. As the uncertainty of the pandemic goes on, cancer patients are facing the loss of employment benefits, loss of income, and catastrophic drug expenses. Provincial programs for take-home cancer medications have never been more critical.

Provincial healthcare systems need to offer catastrophic relief to cancer patients in the time of real catastrophe.

Are you or someone you know experiencing catastrophic drug expenses as a result of a cancer diagnosis? Would you like more information about your provinces programs? Contact us: [email protected].

Across Canada, the CanCertainty Coalition has called for:

  • Immediate, short-term relief of co-pays and deductibles for catastrophic drug expenses for take-home cancer medications (in provinces where patients must pay significant out of pocket expenses)
  • Assurance that cancer treatment reimbursement algorithms will be flexible when patient treatment pathways are changed due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Assistance for patients transitioning to public drug programs when they lose employer benefits
  • Streamlining of special authorization renewals through public drug programs

In the chart below, please find the letters sent, which highlight the issues specific to each province, as well as the response received to-date.

Province Letter sent Response Received
Letter to British Columbia April 14, 2020 (PDF)  
Letter to Alberta April 14, 2020 (PDF)  
Letter to Saskatchewan April 14, 2020 (PDF) May 5, 2020 (PDF)
Letter to Manitoba April 14, 2020 (PDF) June 16, 2020 (PDF)
Letter to Ontario April 7, 2020 (PDF)
June 4, 2020 (PDF)
May 14, 2020 (PDF)
August 2, 2020 (PDF)
Letter to Quebec To be led by Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec  
Letter to Nova Scotia

April 14, 2020 (PDF)
June 4, 2020 (PDF)

May 6, 2020 (PDF)
Letter to New Brunswick April 15, 2020 (PDF)  
Letter to PEI April 14, 2020 (PDF)  
Letter to Newfoundland and Labrador April 14, 2020 (PDF) May 19, 2020 (PDF)


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