The province of Ontario currently has two very different mechanisms for funding provincially-listed cancer treatments:

  • If it is an intravenous (IV) drug that needs to be administered in a hospital setting, it will be funded by the provincial government 100%.
  • However, if it is something taken outside of hospital (oral or injectable), it is the patient's responsibility to pay for it.

This is unlike many other provinces in Canada where approved cancer drugs are funded 100% regardless of how one takes the drug.

Take Action:

If you need any help, please contact: info@cancertaintyforall.ca and one of our patient advocate volunteers will get back to you.

Please share with us any response you receive. We will be meeting with provincial representatives as we go forward with this campaign. And on behalf of all cancer patients who need this issue solved, THANK YOU.


Facts: How much do patients and their families pay in Ontario?

For intravenous drugs listed on the provincial formulary, patients pay $0.

For oral cancer drugs and take-home injectables, a patient under age 65 must navigate a complex maze of partial funding solutions that may rely on Ontario’s Trillium Drug Program. While some cancer patients have private insurance, many do not have 100% coverage and increasingly employee benefit programs are applying annual caps, lifetime caps, and exclusions for high-priced medications such as cancer medications that typically cost $6,000 per month.


  • A family with a total net household income of $85,000 in Ontario would be expected to contribute $3,400 per year as their Trillium Deductible (4% of net household income).
  • A family with a higher combined family income (e.g., adults and adult children living in the same home) totaling $140,000 would be expected to contribute $4,800 per year as their deductible.

For information about the Trillium Drug Program and how this could affect your family’s finances if cancer strikes, please click here.

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