Who is behind the CanCertainty campaign?

The CanCertainty Coalition is made up of over 30 Canadian patient groups, physician and health care charities, and caregiver organizations who are all committed to ensuring all Canadians have CanCertainty – certainty that if cancer strikes them or their loved ones they will have fair and equal access to cancer treatment – no matter their age, cancer type, treatment type or where they live.

Where is the funding for the CanCertainty campaign coming from?

Together with over 30 Canadian patient groups, physician and health care charities, and caregiver organizations, Kidney Cancer Canada initiated the CanCertainty campaign and provided seed funding. Over 30 Canadian patient groups are now working together collaboratively to ensure that all cancer patients in Ontario and Atlantic Canada have universal coverage for cancer treatments that are taken orally.  

The campaign is being supported through various channels, including Canadians concerned about cancer care (click here to donate),  in-kind support from over 30 cancer organizations, a financial contribution from the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN), and corporate donors.  What’s important to recognize is that the CanCertainty campaign is not about a specific drug or cancer type – it is about ensuring all Canadians have fair and equal access to cancer treatments taken orally regardless of their household income, private insurance status or what province they live in.

With the governments of Ontario and Atlantic Canada currently facing deficits, how will they be able to afford CanCertainty for their residents?

All cancer patients, regardless of age, income, geography or cancer type deserve fair and equal access to the treatments they need.  A new report from the Cameron Institute estimates that an investment of $28 to $93 million – or roughly one per cent of Ontario’s total drug budget – will ensure all patients in Ontario have access to the safe and effective orally-administered cancer medicines they need. The same holds true, proportionally, for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and PEI.  The Western provinces (and Quebec) have all found a way to finance oral and intravenous therapies equally. We are urging Ontario and Atlantic provinces to do the same.

How are oral cancer medications reimbursed in other provinces?

Cancer patients living in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and most recently Manitoba, have full coverage of cancer treatments taken orally regardless of household income or private insurance status.  Patients in Quebec pay a small annual deductible of less than $900 for all medications, including oral cancer medications. It’s time for patients in Ontario and Atlantic Canada to have the same.

The lack of public funding for cancer treatments taken orally in Ontario and Atlantic Canada is creating significant financial hardship for more than 10,000 people each year. In Canada, 130,000 households have mortgaged their homes to cover unaffordable health care costs, which is unacceptable. Current paperwork processes for various patchwork solutions add to up significant delays for patients to access their treatment, causing additional worry, stress, and risk of disease progression.

What can I do to help?

There are many ways to get involved.  Share this website with people you know, tell us your story, or  make a donation to support the campaign.  If you have any comments or would like to provide us with some suggestions, please contact us at info@cancertaintyforall.ca.

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